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Mowing boat fit in any place

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Mowing boat for rivers and lakes in the collection of water hyacinth and water floating remnants of the water is a multi-function mowing boat. Its operation is simple lunch, just to salvage the remnants of the water in the cab via the function button to control the types of table you can easily control all kinds of action. Collection belt, arm, roller harrow, rupture destroy aircraft, together with a reasonable residual after former ship. Collection tank attached to the tip of the roll can be cut large rake and residual water hyacinth, water hyacinth to improve into the collection chamber and residual speed in the front cabin and cockpit to inform the Department installed a machine breakdown destroyed. Greatly reduces the volume of water hyacinth, will add storage capacity of water hyacinth, improve efficiency obligations.
Automatic water mowing boat, good looks, small size, suitable for scenery area, wetland, small lakes, water parks water cleaning. Not only can clean up all kinds of plants, and can eliminate the remnants of various types of surface floating, fully automated operation, homework efficiency is several times the human duty industry. Welcome to try the various units of the product, your valuable advice. Our company can also design according to different water conditions different functions mowing boat.
The mowing boat uses Deutz diesel drive, enough power, high speed, low noise, low fuel consumption, simple and flexible operation!