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Mowing boat maintenance money four trick

Source: Time:2017-09-01 17:00:03 views:

When mowing boats use to a certain age will enter the maintenance period, the cost is relatively higher. ? How can I save on maintenance costs under the premise of ensuring the quality of it below mowing boat maintenance to save money on four trick:
1: reasonably determine maintenance intervals
Scientifically determine the age of various types of maintenance work intervals, not only make mowing boat kept in good technical condition, but also allows you to save maintenance costs and repair costs. General mowing boat in good technical condition of the new boats, used under conditions of good use, may be appropriate to extend the maintenance cycle; while mowing boat poor technical condition, or the use of harsh conditions, it should be appropriate to shorten the maintenance cycle.
2: Take advantage of free testing
Mowing boat manufacturers more attention to after-sales service, thus the benefits for mowing boat can bring is often enjoy free testing activities. Many of these free testing activities may seem simple, mowing boat seems no substantive content, in fact, these free testing activities is very good. You can use these free testing activities on the mowing boat full medical examination, to detect potential faults and eliminate these hidden faults, eliminating the high maintenance costs in the future.
3: as little as possible disintegration of repair
In order to prevent premature entry mowing boat maintenance period, you may want as little as possible disintegration of maintenance, using a variety of advanced equipment and maintenance tools for mowing avoid demolition ship maintenance, not only because of the disintegration of maintenance to avoid mowing boats and damage caused by unnecessary components, but also greatly accelerate the speed of lawnmower maintenance ship, thereby reducing the overall maintenance cost.
4: Proper oil
Proper oil contains two aspects: First, the fuel, the second is oil. Improper fuel selection, is likely to cause fuel filter blockage failure, the engine idle instability, poor acceleration and increased fuel consumption and so on, but also accelerate the wear of the cylinder, affecting engine life. How to choose lubricants, lubrication requirements do not only meet, but also less money then the basic principle is:? Mowing boat to meet the requirements on the line, only buy not expensive. Such as engine oil, domestic oil fully able to meet the requirements, there is no need to buy imports