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Boat cleaning routine maintenance

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Here to tell you about cleaning the ship's routine maintenance:
Cleaning the boat in the water long run, a lot of water is polluted waters of hull corrosion can not be discounted, do routine maintenance work is absolutely necessary, once the hull corrosion, it will affect the strength of the ship steel structure, thus affecting the ship life, so sailing speed is greatly reduced, not only affect the performance and life of the ship, but also increased the level of risk the voyage, and do routine maintenance can also reduce maintenance frequency, to avoid affecting the daily cleaning work surface.
Cleaning the boat should be checked before starting the important parts of the vessel, confirmed that no deformation, cracks, leaks, adequate lubrication of moving parts, diesel engines have sufficient cooling water, the engine noise, vibration is normal. Found the problem immediately repair and prevent deterioration. Usually have to pay attention to the case of vessels, anti-corrosion paint and regular lubrication of moving parts. Paint on the hull before the first cleanup, remove rust vessel surface, oxide, oil, etc. Every year to conduct a comprehensive inspection, replacement of corroded parts, check the operation of the diesel engine. If you want to disable the ship for some time, the vessel should be pulled ashore, check the part no rust damage, maintenance painted and sealed.