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Hazard Prevention waters with water hyacinth

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In the 1970s, in order to solve the lack of breeding pig feed, introduced from abroad a highly reproductive Bliss water plant - water lettuce (scientific name water hyacinth). Now this has been flooded Bliss plant, known as the "green pollution culprit." Due to the Pearl River Delta location, climate and the environment, water lettuce has great vitality, has almost no natural enemies of insect viruses and other control its growth, water lettuce breeding fast, it weekly breeding double the speed of growth. According to monitoring understood that one every eight months lettuce breeding new strains 60000 speed flooded. As long as there is currently in Guangdong Province, especially the fertile river water network developed Pearl River Delta, such as the wide expanse of the waters covered with lettuce, rivers aspect of the Pearl River Delta region, the microscopic river water, the majority Barry lettuce covered creek, causing rivers, reservoirs, irrigation and drainage stations blocked, contaminated drinking water sources, the impact of waterway transportation, seriously affected the normal production of agricultural drainage and irrigation.
According to reports, more than three percent water lettuce coverage caused many problems: 1, blocking waterways, affecting shipping and excretion of agriculture, water conservancy, environmental protection, the number one enemy; 2, limiting the flow of water, the water is no sunlight, change too smelly, so that the amount of dissolved oxygen in water is reduced, inhibited the growth of plankton, undermining the creek environment. 3, for influenza, encephalitis schistosome and provides a breeding ground for germs, breeding mosquitoes, mosquito larvae provides the opportunity to breathe and reproduction. 4, destruction of water resources. Due to clogging, water can not flow freely, the various sources of pollution such as heavy metals and other trace elements harmful to the human body can not effectively remove, directly or indirectly, to absorb the pollution of water sources. 5, lettuce covered with water also increased the amount of water evaporated, 8 to 10 times higher than the amount of open water surface evaporation, causing water damage. 6, water harvesting water freshwater quality point of impact. Lettuce covered with water makes a lot of water PH value decreased; CO2 concentration increased; the concentration of water in the olfactory value, chroma increased; the acidity of the water increases, so that greatly reduce water use value until it undrinkable.
It is understood that many years ago, Guangdong Province, the relevant departments on the call to wipe lettuce, currently it is imperative to time, but means backward, mainly artificial fishing, crushed or dried and buried, or take advantage of the flood season, the big rainstorm open lettuce stormed the gates of the sea, let the case of self-destruction salty, clear much faster growth rate lags behind the lettuce mad. It is reported that one kind of lettuce nemesis came into being, a research institution in Guangdong Province developed P-150-type lettuce crusher is the machine is composed by the hull and the shredding device, using a rotary cutter for crushing technology after power transmission and hydraulic controls, an effective solution to the mechanical power transfer from the water to the difficult problem of underwater through effective combating of water lettuce, cutting, so that water lettuce after crushing loss of regenerative capacity in order to aim to eliminate water lettuce and water lettuce was broken in 4 to 7 days to sink, disappear. The aircraft able to carry out the disastrous flood of water lettuce blow. The technology to fill the gaps in the field, reached the advanced level. According to the Foshan Institute of Agricultural Machinery After more than three months testing and use in Nanhai District of Foshan City, which is 700 acres of creek water lettuce all clean, proved: Clear crusher with lettuce lettuce higher than 125 times the efficiency of artificial fishing, costs 14 times, avoiding the sewage on human skin damage than spraying herbicides, efficiency three times, 10.2 times lower costs, and avoids herbicides cause serious ecological agriculture and more contaminate a large area. By cleaned the creek, odor disappears, water becomes clear, clean drinking water resources; promote underwater animal and plant breeding, to the ecological balance; purify their living environment, improve the tourism environment; dredge the river, abundant irrigation water, flood control and drainage easy ; improvement of agricultural ecological environment, the creation of a national health town, also has a great help. According to the economic analysis, research and development of the water lettuce crusher, industrial production, once formed, can be effectively eradicated due to excessive water lettuce and destroy the ecological balance of the troubles, economic and social benefits it has generated enormous significance.

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